These are the best PS4 and PS5

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Who wants to gamble on the PS4 and the PS5 FIFA, Fortnite and Co, who needs a good controller. We introduce you to the best controllers 2021 and give a few tips around the purchase.

A good controller is a must for gaming on consoles. Especially if you want to gamble competitively. But now there is a large selection of different controllers in the market.

But which gamepad is best suitable for whom? We introduce you to the best controllers before and explain for whom they are best suited.

UPDATE 06.09.2021: The article appeared in April 2020. We have brought the item to the latest status on 06.09.2021 and adds an alternative for the PS4 dualshock controller.

What do I have to consider when buying a controller?

How to work the controller purchase: The following steps should be passed through before buying a controller and subjectively weighing themselves:

  • Wireless or wired: First you should consider whether you want to have a wireless (wireless) or a wired controller: Wireless controllers are more flexible, but you may need to expect Inputlags. In the wired controller you are bound to the cable, but you do not have to charge in between and minimized.
  • Calculate the budget: how much money do you want to invest? A controller does not have to be expensive to work well. Expensive are often significantly better processed or rectifying for more precise and mechanical components.
  • Preferred games: Anyone who likes to play shooter has other preferences than someone who prefer to splash sports games or preferably MMOS.
  • Ergonomics: How important is a decent grip and easily accessible buttons? Is it ready to complain or have everything right?
  • Compatibility: Not every controller works with any system. Often PS4 controllers are compatible with the PC, but not with the Xbox One. On the other hand, these problems are also different.
  • Gaming at the PS5: With PS4 controllers, your PS4 games can also play at the Playstation 5. For PS5 games, however, you need the official dualSense controller.

Best PS4 Controller under 30 Euro - Snakebyte 4 s wireless

weight : not known | connection : Bluetooth / cable | Cable length : - | Battery : Firmly built battery | Price range (About Miser) : 19 - 30 Euro

For whom is the controller suitable? The Snakebyte controller offers the cheapest entry into the area of ​​the controllers. If you prefer a second or third controller for the Couch Coop, or otherwise do without features such as VR, you can get the snakebyte 4 s wireless. Competitive gamers should rather invest more money.

This offers Snakebyte 4 s wireless: The Snakebyte controller is the cheapest controller of our article and offers for around 30 euros all basic functions that a PS4 controller must have. The thumbsticks and the keys are precise enough and the controller offers a 3.5mm jack. Overall, the controller is lighter and also slightly smaller than the original controller of Sony.

The processing is only mediocre in this price range and the controller consists of a lot of plastic and has no rubberized handles. But manufacturer Snakebyte promises 5 years warranty, which is rare for a controller. The controller basically works on Windows, but the driver software makes unnecessary problems

A Lightbar on the back is also not available, which is a problem for many VR titles that need it.


  • attractively priced
  • Long warranty (5 years)
  • Pleasant ergonomics thanks to small size
  • Lower weight than the Sony controller


  • Mediocre processing thanks plenty of plastic
  • No rubberized handles
  • No Lightbar

That's what users say: The controller is reviewed at 34 reviews at 3.5 stars. The cheap price and the pleasant ergonomics are praised thanks to small size. Some users complain about the bad driver software

Preview | Product | Rating | Price | --- | --- | --- | --- |- | Snakebyte GamePad 4S - Blue - Wireless Bluetooth Controller for PlayStation 4 / PS4 Slim / Pro, ... | Currently no reviews | 39,99 EUR 28,99 EUR | To Amazon

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Best Controller under 50 Euro - TUTUO Wireless Controller for PS4 Controller

weight : 298 grams | connection : Bluetooth / cable | Cable length : - | Battery : Firmly built battery (5 - 7 hours) | Price range : 37 euros

For whom is the controller suitable? If you are looking for a comparatively reasonable price for a PS4 controller, which still offers the most important features, which should look at the controller of Tutuo.

This offers the Tutuo Wireless Controller: The Tutuo Controller offers the most important features that also offers the original controller of Sony: Vibration, Motion Control such as Lightbar and Touchpad. All important functions are integrated. Even headphones can be connected via the pawl connection. A loudspeaker is also installed.

The keys are also good and precise, the resistance of the keys slightly heavier than the original controller.

For around 40 euros (April 2020) the price is also very fairly kept. However, the controller only sets ABS plastic, the processing is therefore mediocre. Battery life is between 4 and 6 hours, which is fine for the price.


  • Fair price
  • Vibration, motion control such as Lightbar and Touchpad
  • Clinke connection
  • good, precise keys


  • Cheap material
  • Mediocre processing
  • Short Bluetooth range

That's what users say: The controller is rated 4.1 stars at 854 reviews. The buyers praise above all the very fair price-performance ratio and the proper buttons of the controller. Some criticize the only mediocre processing and the comparatively short range of the controller via Bluetooth.

Preview | Product | Rating | Price | --- | --- | --- | --- |- | Tutuo Wireless Controller for PS-4, Bluetooth Controller Gamepad Joystick with 3.5mm ... | Currently no reviews | | To Amazon

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Best Allrounder - Dualshock 4 Wireless Controller

weight : 210 grams | connection : Bluetooth / cable | Cable length : - | Battery : Firmly built battery | Price range (via miser): 49 - 59 Euro

For whom is the controller suitable? Who no longer looks like a proven and good controller, for example, for example, for FIFA, which is best attracted with the official PlayStation 4 - Controller.

This offers the PlayStation 4 DualShock 4: The Official Controller for the PlayStation 4 offers the official standard of Sony and is usually at each PS4. In addition to the black variant, there is a wide range of colors in which the dualshock 4 is offered. From the named simple black over blue to Sunset Orange everything is there.

It is advantageous that the controller can be controlled both via USB and via Bluetooth. The former is above all practical if the battery is empty, but you want to continue playing. It is also unique to the touchpad, which is in the middle of the controller and is used by some games. Also, cool is the Share button, with which to share content and make screenshots. Also good is the pawl connection over which headsets can be connected.

Compared to other third-party products, the dualshock 4 is comparatively expensive. In addition, the controller is only compatible with the PC and PS4 and excludes the Xbox One and the Switch. Compatibility on the PC is also connected to a few tricks.

Battery life weakens after enduring use. It is also annoying that the light on the back can not be completely turned off, but at least the illumination of the controller can greatly reduce. How exactly works, we explain to you with many other meaningful tips for the PS4:


  • Official product from Sony
  • Unique touchpad
  • Lightbar, which offers VR support
  • Share button
  • Both USB and Bluetooth possible
  • good workmanship and grip


  • More expensive than comparable third-party controllers
  • Pretty weak battery
  • Lightbar on the back can not be completely switched off and is a battery

That's what users say: Dualshock 4 comes to 4.4 stars at 7,101 reviews. The precision is praised and the good handling of the controller. The weak battery is criticized and the many counterfeiting, which is now available to buy. With an untypical packaging one should therefore send the product back.

Preview | Product | Rating | Price | --- | --- | --- | --- |- | PlayStation 4 - DualShock 4 Wireless Controller, Black * | Currently no reviews | 64,99 EUR | To Amazon

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Good alternative to PS4 Dual Dual Hock Controller - Fusion Pro Wireless

weight : 365 grams | connection : Bluetooth and cable | Cable length: 3 meters | Battery: internal, firmly built battery | Price range (via miser): 111,00 - 159,00 Euro

For whom is the controller suitable? You are looking for a gaming controller whose design is strongly oriented strongly at the official dualshock controller, but offers a few nice additional features, then you should look at the fusion per wireless.

This offers the fusion per wireless: In addition to the usual functions that each PS4 controller offers, you will get a few extra extras with the fusion per wireless. So you get about back paddles, interchangeable thumbsticks, 3-way trigger and also official PC support.

The back paddles offer you the option of programming the functions of the keys on the paddles. In this way, you can use the thumbs to control the analog sticks and quickly access additional functions with the other fingers over the paddles.

Meinmmo was able to try out the fusion per wireless in the test in detail. We especially liked the high-quality workmanship, the robust design and the long connection cable for the controller. The extra paddle module is also a nice idea, even if the attachment could not completely convince us. Too bad is also that the headset in wireless mode does not work.

MyMo author Maik Schneider writes in the test: If you can see over the number with the missing headset support in wireless mode, then you get a strong paddle controller with some extras for a reasonable price.


  • High quality
  • Optional PADDLE module
  • Long cable (3 meters)
  • Big, robust design
  • PC Support


  • Wireless mode for PS4 only
  • Headset deactivated in wireless mode
  • Paddle module makes shaky impression

That's what users say: Amazon is rated the controller at over 150 reviews at 3.8 out of 5 stars. It is praised that the controller is really high quality and valuable.

Preview | Product | Rating | Price | --- | --- | --- | --- |- | Fusion Pro Wireless Controller for PlayStation 4 - PS4 Gamepad, PS4 Bluetooth Controller, Dual ... | 235 reviews | 129,88 EUR 111,99 EUR | To Amazon

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Best Mouse / Controller Hybrid - Splitfish Fragfx Shark PS4

Weight : Not specified | connection : Bluetooth / 2.4 GHz | Cable length : - | Battery : Replaceable AA batteries; 100h (mouse) and 50h (controller) Price range (via miser): 119 Euro.

For whom is the controller suitable? Who wants both the comfort of the console and the precision of the mouse, which should look at the Fragfx Shark of Splitfish. Especially in shooters you have advantages with the mouse.

This offers the Splitfish Fragfx Shark: Manufacturer Splitfish relies on a mouse controller mix in its product. The mouse acts like a normal PC mouse, but has integrated the typical symbol buttons of the PlayStation (such as circle or square) on the inside. The controller or Chuck offers the usual functions of a controller, but is somewhat slimmer. Both PS4, PS4 PRO and PS3 are supported. It is also an officially licensed product.

In each of the two devices is an AA battery that can be replaced. The manufacturer promises about 100 hours during the mouse, at Chuck about 50 hours. The sensitivity of the mouse and the key assignment can be set within the games.

The disadvantage of this hybrid is mainly in the families. There are many settings options and the keys are unusual for mouse and controller. Also, to adjust macros is not so easy by the hand. Who gets used to it, but the Fragfx Shark offers the precision of a mouse, which is advantageous above all in shooters. A second disadvantage is that the Chuck does not offer a headphone connection. In addition, the price of 120 euros is well above a conventional controller.


  • High battery life, 100 hours (mouse), 50 hours (Chuck)
  • High precision and speed
  • Combination of mouse and controller in one
  • 24 months manufacturer warranty


  • Moderate processing of Chuck
  • long accustom phase
  • high price

That's what users say: The controller is rated at Amazon at 3.8 at 191 Reviews. The high precision and speed are praised. The moderate processing of the Chuck and the missing headphone connection is criticized on the device.

Preview | Product | Rating | Price | --- | --- | --- | --- |- | Splitfish Fragfx Shark PS4 - Sony officially licensed (PS4 / PS3) - Mouse for the PS4 * | Currently no reviews | | To Amazon

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Best Controller for Competitive Gamer - Nacon PS4 Revolution Pro Controller

Weight: 390 - 410 grams | Connection: Bluetooth | Cable length: 3m | Battery: Firmly built battery | Price range (via miser) : 136 - 179 Euro.

For whom is the controller suitable? The Nacon Pro Controller is mainly suitable for players who are looking for a very precise controller with a lot of scope for personalization.

This offers the Nacon Revolution Pro Controller? The Controller of Nacon relies on a robust material and has a pretty high ground weight. With the enclosed weights, this can also be adapted. The manufacturer also has intended both to a pawl connection and an integrated microphone.

On the back of the controller there are also keys to control the volume directly from the controller. This is very convenient because you do not have to switch to the menu of the PS4 anymore.

On the back there is also a button, with which one switches between Bluetooth and cable, which is a meaningful possibility. The cable is also pleasant with 3 meters.

The thumbsticks are somewhat more smoother than the official PS4 controller of Sony. Behind the R1 and L1 buttons are Omron switches that otherwise know from the range of gaming mice: Omron switches are very precise and have a long service life.

Above all, the disadvantage is the comparatively low battery life: just 6 - 8 hours creates the controller. Add to that the smoke price, which will not please everyone.


  • great haptics
  • good workmanship
  • Smooth, precise keys
  • Volume buttons directly on the controller
  • Thanks to the button switching from Bluetooth to cable possible


  • high price
  • with around 6 - 8 hours short battery life

That's what users say: The Nacon Pro Controller is assessed by the buyers with 3.8 stars at 822 ratings. The great feel is praised and the good workmanship. Some complain that the manufacturer is partly sending defective controller. An exchange would solve the most problems. The very high price also does not like all.

Preview | Product | Rating | Price | --- | --- | --- | --- |- | Nacon PS4 Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller * | Currently no reviews | 169,99 EUR 87,65 EUR | To Amazon

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Best PS4 Controller under 100 Euro - Nacon PS4 Asymmetric Wireless Controller

Weight: 390 grams * | * Connection: Bluetooth | Cable length: - | Battery: Fixed Battery | Price range: 50 - 84 Euro

For whom is the controller suitable? Anyone who looks for a good controller with great ergonomics, but rather than the PS4 layout uses that of the Xbox controller, which will be found at the Nacon PS4 Asymmetric Controller.

This offers the Nacon PS4 Asymmetric Wireless Controller: The Nacon PS4 Controller relies on a simple design, but has the biggest similarity with an Xbox controller: the two thumbsticks do not sit both frontal, but one on the left side, The control cross sits straight ahead. The keys have a pleasant pressure point, only the backspeeds are somewhat more likely to use.

Otherwise the controller offers the usual functions of a PS4 controller. Vibration function and Share button are integrated and you can also connect a headset via the pawl connection. The disadvantage: The transmission quality of the language is only moderate.

The battery life is about 7 hours above the original PS4 controller, but still offers less than comparable controllers.


  • Good workmanship
  • Great ergonomics thanks to good grip and size of the controller
  • All known functions such as Share and vibration are integrated
  • CLINK connection for headphones / headset


  • Heavy backspeeds (L1 / R1)
  • Moderate battery life
  • Voice transmission of the controller is mediocre

That's what users say: The controller is rated with 4 stars at 282 reviews. Above all, the great ergonomics and the processing of the controller is praised. Some disturb the bad touchpad and that the language chat is transmitted only moderately.

Preview | Product | Rating | Price | --- | --- | --- | --- |- | Nacon Asymmetric Wireless GamePad PC, Playstation 4 Black - Accessories for Video Games (Gamepad, ... | 275 reviews | 62,29 EUR | To Amazon

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Best PS4 controller working well on the PC - Astro Gaming C40 TR Controller

Weight: 308 grams | Connection: 2.4 GHz (with transmitter) or wired | Cable length: - | Battery: Internal, Fixed Battery * (12 hours) * | Price range: 189 - 384 Euro

For whom is the controller suitable? If you are looking for a controller who does not only provide good services at the PlayStation, but can also be used well on the PC thanks to software, which should look at the Astro Gaming C40 TR Controller. The official dualshock 4 basically works on the PC, but there are some limitations, so we recommend the Astro Gaming C40 TR, which is easier to use.

This offers the Astro Gaming C40 TR Controller: The controller relies on high-quality metal processing and that makes itself positive in durability. The special feature of the controller is also the modular system: the analog stick and the dpad can be removed and replaced as a module.

Another advantage is that the controller can also be used very easily on the PC: This is how the ASTRO software can be used to further adapt the accuracy or sensitivity of the controller to the PC.

With around 12 hours of battery life, the controller also offers a decent term.

Overall, the controller is noticeably heavier than other controllers in hand, which is quite noticeable in longer sessions. A clear disadvantage is the high price of the controller: the high-quality workmanship and the modularity cost money. Who does not shy the high price, but gets a high-quality controller for PS4 and PC.


  • Stable processing thanks to metallic housing
  • Modularity
  • customizable layout
  • High precision
  • PC software
  • Using both cables and wireless


  • high weight
  • very expensive
  • No battery life

That's what users say: The controller is rated 4.8 stars at 1289 reviews. The buyers praise the great ergonomics and the stable, valuable processing. Some buyers criticize that after prolonged use in the right stick makes a legal drift noticeable.

Preview | Product | Rating | Price | --- | --- | --- | --- |- | Astro Gaming C40 TR Controller - Compatible with PlayStation 4 and PC + Accessories (Travel Bag, 4 ... | currently not reviews | | To Amazon

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Alternative in the middle price segment - Razer Raiju Tournament Edition 2019

Weight: 320 grams | Connection: Bluetooth or wired | Cable length: - | Battery: Internal, firmly built battery | Price range: 99 - 199 Euro

In the middle price segment, the Raiju Tournament Edition is a good alternative. He also offers good compatibility with the PC and can be used both via cable and via Bluetooth. In the Bluetooth connection, however, some users complain about connection problems.

The controller sets a stable processing, for example, the thumbs sticks and the buttons are set to mechanical switches. Also good are the freely assignable multifunction keys. The controller itself can be further adjusted via a mobile app.

Preview | Product | Rating | Price | --- | --- | --- | --- |- | Razer Raiju Tournament Edition (2019) - Wireless and Wired Gaming Controller for PS4 + PC ... | Currently no reviews | 149,99 EUR 114,00 EUR | To Amazon

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Alternative in low price segment - Pictek PS4 Controller

Weight: 322 grams | Connection: Wired | Cable length: 2m | Battery: - * | * Price range: 34,99 Euro

Compared to Razer or Astro, the processing is much worse, the price is also lower for this. Despite the price, Pictek controller has all the important features you need. A headphone connector is available as well as the vibration function. Thanks to Plug- and Play, the controller is directly compatible with the PC without effort.

If you have an OTG cable at hand, you can also use the controller on the Android smartphone. In contrast to the original PS4 controller, the lighting can be switched off completely by pressing a button.

No products found.

Best PS4 Controller for Individuality - ScuF Impact

Weight: 230 grams | Connection: Bluetooth / 2.4 GHz | Cable length: - | Battery: Fixed Battery * | Price range: * from 149 Euro

For whom is the controller suitable? If you are looking for a controller, which you can almost completely adapt to your needs, that should look at the ScuF Impact. This controller can be configured completely freely.

This offers the SCUF Impact Controller: The controller of SCUF Gaming relies on individuality: on the in-house side (via you can put together your own controller according to your own ideas. The buyer is a variety of ways to choose from: over the color, to the handles to the processing of thumbsticks - personalization are no limits.

Successful are paddles on the back of the controller. The ScuF Impact is currently one of the best PS4 controllers with paddles that you can get current.

The disadvantage of it: Personalization can be very expensive. The basic price is 149 euros and any further individualization like other thumpticks, special handles or triggers are associated with additional costs. Who does not shy the price, but he gets a great controller.


  • Great ergonomics thanks to high quality workmanship
  • Diverse customizable
  • Modular, interchangeable elements
  • Best PS4 controller with paddles


  • very expensive

The SCUF Impact can be compiled directly at the manufacturer individually.

Best PS5 Controller - PS5 dualSense Controller

Weight: 280 grams | Connection: Bluetooth | Cable length: - | Battery: Fixed Battery | Price range: from 60,73 Euro

For whom is the controller suitable? You want to gather the latest PS5 games on your new PS5 and look for a suitable controller for you, then you should buy the dualSense controller. For for the new PS5 games, you need a PS5 controller, because PS4 DualShock is no longer enough for PS5 games.

This offers the PS5 DualSense Controller: The official PS5 controller offers you a lot of new features. The most important functions are the adaptive triggers and the haptic feedback.

The adaptive triggers are intended to ensure that the feeling feels much more realistic and can block if you try to refuse your weapon.

The haptic feedback should be felt, among other things, if you run with your character through soft sand or hard, slippery ice cream. An overview of the functions of the dualSense controller can be found here:

With 79.99 euros, the dualSense controller is significantly more expensive than the predecessor controller of the PlayStation 4. Overall, the dualSense controller looks very valuable and some PS5 games already support the new features. With the Create button you can quickly share gaming moments. However, the battery performance could be better and the built-in microphone is a nice idea, but no real replacement for a good gaming headset.


  • Haptic feedback and adaptive trigger
  • pleasant ergonomics
  • Resistance gives keys worth valuable
  • installed microphone
  • Unique touchpad
  • Create button


  • Battery performance could be longer
  • Microphone is not a substitute for gaming headset
  • White version polluted fast

The buyers say: The controller is rated more than 18,000 ratings 4.8 out of 5 stars. The good workmanship, the design and the pleasant ergonomics is praised. Criticism is available for the weak battery performance.

Preview | Product | Rating | Price | --- | --- | --- | --- |- | DUALSENSE Wireless Controller [PlayStation 5] * | 23,059 reviews | 69,99 EUR 61,99 EUR | To Amazon

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You are looking for a good gaming headset that you can connect to your PS5 dualsense? Then look at our buying advice here on Meinmmo: Here we introduce you to the best gaming headsets that you can buy up to date.


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